Load Student Documents with Waybill (Business Process)

This process outlines the general process that a School/Authority user would follow to load student documents with a waybill, to Student Records in the document repository provided by a PASI Client.


Primary Scenario - Load Student Documents with Waybill

This scenario begins when a user determines documents are required to be loaded to Student Records within PASIprep.

  1. The user collects all electronic documents to be included in the document submission.
  2. The user creates one waybill file that contains all required metadata for each document contained within the document submission.
  3. The user combines the electronic documents and the electronic waybill file into one document submission.
  4. The user loads the document submission (zip file) to PASIprep via the Load Student Documents with Waybill screen.
  5. PASIprep performs file structure checks on the file
    1. Can the file unzip?
    2. Does the waybill match the docs in the zip?
    3. Waybill is complete and passes scheme validations?
    4. etc.
  6. The document submission is saved for PASI to process asynchronously.
  7. The document submission is then managed using the Process Document Submission process.

This scenario ends when the document submission has been loaded to PASIprep.

Alternate Scenario #1 - Document Submission Fails File Checks

The scenario begins after step 5 of the primary scenario when PASI has determined that the document submission fails the file structure checks.

  1. The user corrects the reported file check issues.

This scenario continues with step 1 of the primary scenario.


The following artifacts will be used when performing this process.