PASIprep Analytics Guidelines

For more information on Analytics in general please see the PASI Analytics Overview.

See the PASIprep Analytics page for full detail on the events that are being tracked.


The objective of incorporating analytics into PASIprep is to understand how often a functionality is accessed in the application, so the team can better understand the impact of certain functionality and changes depending on frequency of user accessing that particular functionality.

Page View Tracking

Page tracking should be added to all PASIprep distinct views (this is also the same list of views where permalinking (permalink_guidelines) is available).

Event Tracking

Since most operations in PASIprep requires user to access a specific page to perform that function (e.g. going to an “Add” screen to add an item), event tracking should be used only when page view tracking is not sufficient to determine if a user has accessed a function or not. For actions that display a confirmation dialog, the event should be recorded when the confirmation dialog opens, and so will be sent regardless of whether or not the user clicks 'Yes' to the confirmation.

e.g. Most 'delete' functions simply involves a confirmation dialog and is not trackable as a 'page view' - thus an event should be used to determine whether the user have accessed the function (e.g. an event will be tracked when the Delete Confirmation Dialog displays).

Event Naming Convention and Guidelines

Events are tracked using the convention “Category>Action>Label”.

Below are guidelines on selecting/creating categories, actions and labels.


The category should represent the general area/functionality of the event:

Commonly used Categories:

Category NameUsage / Functional Area
Classroom AccommodationClassroom Accommodation related functionality
Control ScheduleControl schedule related functionality
Course EnrolmentCourse enrolment related functionality
CredentialCredential related functionality
Credential ExemptionCredential Requirement Exemption related functionality
Diploma Exam RegistrationDiploma Exam Registration related functionality
Diploma Exam RescoreDiploma Exam Rescore Request related functionality
Diploma Exam SittingDiploma Exam Sitting related functionality
Document OrderDocument Order related functionality
Document SubmissionStudent Record Document Submission related functionality
Document TypeDocument Type Definition related functionality
Evaluated MarkEvaluated Mark related functionality
ExportUser is exporting data
External CredentialExternal Credential related functionality
GED ExamineeGED Examinee related functionality
GED Exam MarksGED Exam Mark related functionality
Generate Documents…Document generation related functionality
Grid ?
Home EducationHome Education Notification/Registration functionality
Learning NeedsLearning Needs related functionality
List ASN Linking Details ?
List Student Document SubmissionsList Student Document Submission related functionality
Medical AlertMedical Alert related functionality
PASI SettingsPASI Settings page related functionality
Responsible SchoolStudent Mobility related functionality
School EnrolmentSchool Enrolment related functionality
SectionSection related functionality
StudentAction on the student (that does not fit into any specific functional area)
Student DemographicsStudent Demographics related functionality
Student DocumentStudent Record Document related functionality
Student Record Access RequestStudent Record Access Request related functionality
Student HoldStudent Hold related functionality
Usage AgreementUsage Agreement related functionality
View StudentAction on View Student that's not specific to a tab/functional area
Work ItemsWork Item related functionality
View myPass ConnectionView myPass Connection related functionality


Action are unique for each event and should accurately describe the event PASI intends to track, e.g. “Download DAR”, “Delete Exam Registration”, “Undelete Exam Registration”, etc.


Labels should be a supplementary description of the action. It generally should describe how user performs the action.

The labels below are generic labels description that should be utilize as much as possible.

Label Name Usage
{Action} ActionUser clicked on a function in the Actions Toolbox
{Button Name} ClickUser clicked on a button on screen or dialog
{Grid Name}For Export to CSV, this will identify the name of the grid the user is exporting (e.g. Export>CSV>ListOperationalControlSchedule)