PASIprep User Roles

PASIprep uses PASIprep Permission to provide access to specific functionality. However, due to the volume of permissions available, a series of roles have been defined. Each role is then mapped to the appropriate permissions. Therefore, when a user is provided one or more User Role, they are provided access to PASIprep functionality because of the PASIprep Permission mapped to each role.

The PED (Provincial Education Directory) can be used to grant extranet users one or more of the following user roles.

Base Roles

Each PASIprep user will be assigned one Base Role. This base role provides generic functionality based on the organization the user works at and the role within that organization.

Assigned to Non-Ministry Users

Assigned to Ministry Users

Additional Roles

Each PASIprep user may be assigned one or more additional roles. These roles provide access to additional functionality that not all members of the organization may be granted.

  • Additional roles only available to users outside of Alberta Education:
  • Additional roles only available to users within Alberta Education: