Rule 11210 - Invalid Student Identity Document

Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data

This rule is used to validate the following data element in a Student's identity information:


When submitting an update to the student's identity, the updated source of the student identification information must be from a source that is deemed the same or better (based on the validation level) than that from the previous source.

This means if the previous student identification information is from a source that is considered:

Original Source Document Quality Permitted Updates
100 - Unverified To any source.
200 - Self Declared To a source that is deemed 'self declared', 'supported' or 'verified'.
250 - Supported To a source that is deemed 'supported' or is deemed 'verified'.
300 - Verified To a source that is deemed 'verified'.

note: This validation check is completed when changing the document supporting identity whether it is a Source Document Type or a Student Document that is supporting identity.

Effective Period

  • This validation rule is in effect for all school years.

Additional Notes


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Invalid Student Identity Document. Identification Information is currently based on a higher source quality document and cannot be changed to a document of lower source quality document.

Applies To

Change History

  • Release 1.x – Added/Updated
  • Release 5.10 - Updated