Rule 11627 - Invalid Responsible School Transition Reason (HomeEd)

Rule Type Reject

Validated Data

This rejection rule is used to validate the:

To perform this validation, the following information is used:


Only a Ministry User can add, edit, or delete a Responsible School records with the Home Ed transitions reason. School and School Authorities cannot add, edit, or delete any Responsible School records with the Home Ed transition reason.

This rule fails if:

  • The record is not already deleted, and
  • The user is not a Ministry user (O.1) and
  • TransitionReason = HomeEd

This rule should not fail for the deletion of a responsible school record. This rule applies to responsible school records across all school years for non-deleted records.

Additional Notes



When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Invalid Update of Responsible School Transition Reason. Records with the responsible school transition reason of “HomeEd” can only be submitted or updated by a Ministry User.

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Change History

  • Release 9.15 F12291 - new

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