Rule 40298 - Invalid Junior High Course Code

Rule Type Warning

Validated Data

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This rule ensures that high school Course Enrolments representing coursework completed in Junior high school (course enrolment linked to a non-high school enrolment (< grade 10)) can only exist in PASI for courses with a Completion Method of “JRH” (a record exists for the course code with a complmeth_cd = “JRH” AND the course enrolment school year (from the section) is equal to or falls within the First School Year and Last School Year range of the completion method).

  • Effective Starting School Year: 17/18
  • Effective Ending School Year: N/A

Additional Notes

The Guide to Education allows for junior high school students to complete senior high school coursework in certain circumstances, though this is not common practice. The Junior high school will work closely with a Senior High School to assist the student in completing the coursework for a course code that has been approved by Alberta Education (Curriculum) as one that can be completed by a junior high student.


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Invalid Junior High Course Code. Course Code {(CourseCode)} cannot be entered as coursework completed for a Grade other than Grade 10, 11 or 12.


  • {CourseCode} means the course code passed in on the service.

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  • Release 6.02 (F5235)- Created

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