Rule 60081 - Education Account is connected to the Student

This Rule is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data

This rule is used to validate:

To perform this validation, the following information is used:


The Education Account that was provided in the request to create a new student connection already exists on the student in an Active, Student Hold or Suspended student connection.

This validation rule is in effect for all school years.

Additional Notes

This handles the scenario, where a user's Education account is connected to the student but they are attempting to create another connection to the same student.

Note: In a situation, where a student was the only connection for the Education account, the current flow will direct the user to the 'Obtain access to the student information via myPass' page. If the user attempts to connect to the Same student again then this validation rule will be trigged to stop them.


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Request Denied. You are already connected to the student ASN {ASN}. If you are unable to access the student at present, then please try again later.


  • {ASN} is the student ASN that the user attempted to connect to and this Education account is already connected with the student.

Applies To

This rule applies to:

Change History

  • Release 6.09 (F6659) – Added/Updated
  • Release 7.03 (F7589) - Rule is updated to support Bilingual initiative.

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