Structure of Credential

Credentials are structured as detailed in the diagram below in PASI.



In order for a student to be awarded a credential they must meet all the Credential Requirements for at least one Credential Requirement Set associated to the Credential.

Credential Statuses

Each Credential is associated with one or more Credential Requirement Sets. When a student has achieved all requirements for at least one requirement set, they are eligible to be awarded with that Credential.

When a Credential is awarded to a student by Alberta Education, that Credential is assigned a Credential Number. The state of that Credential/Credential Number is considered to be “awarded” at that point.

Where a student and credential have no awarding information, they are considered to be not awarded. This also applies where the credential number has been awarded to the student, but then has been deleted.

The achievement of a Credential Requirement Set is determined by the PASI Credential Eligibility Calculator, however, the awarding and subsequent management of the awarded credential record are handled by manual processes performed by Student Records. For more information on managing student credential information, refer to View Student - Credentials Tab.

Credential Requirement Set

Credential Requirement Set Achievement Statuses

A credential requirement set may have one of the following Credential Achieved Statuses at any given time where the set has been triggered (meaning that the student has met at least the minimum requirements for PASI to consider calculating the student's eligibility toward the credential):

    • Student has met all trigger1) credential requirements, but not all the credential requirements for the credential requirement set. The student is considered to be working towards the credential requirement set.
    • If the student no longer meets all the trigger requirements for a credential requirement set and the credential number has been awarded to the student, the credential requirement set is marked as “Not Achieved.”
    • The last “Not Achieved” credential requirement of a manually assessed credential requirement set is a manual credential requirement with a status of “Not Assessed”. This indicates that a school or Ministry representative must go in and manually assess the student’s achievement towards this credential requirement. If the manual assessment determines that the student has:
      • Achieved this last manual requirement in the set, the Credential Requirement Sets’ status will be updated to “Achieved” when the credential eligibility calculator runs next.
      • Not achieved this last manual requirement in the set, the Credential Requirement Sets’ status will be updated to be “Not Achieved”.
    • NOTE: To Be Assessed will only to be returned where the student hasn’t been awarded any credentials OR where the student has been awarded a lower-order and may have achieved (TBD via manual assessment) a higher-order, non-equivalent pre-2010/pre-PASI credential (e.g., General High School Diploma).
    • Credential has not been awarded to the student (or was awarded, but then deleted) and previously met all trigger credential requirement(s) for that set, but now does not meet at least one trigger credential requirement.
    • Note: The “Not Assessing” status is not visible to a user via any PASIprep or myPass screens (refer to the pasi_credential_status_overview for more information on what credential information is available where). This is a status that is used by PASI to hide the credential requirement set from end users.
    • Temporary state indicating that PASI is currently assessing the student’s eligibility for the particular credential requirement set.

Even though a credential may be associated with multiple credential requirement sets, from a screen/document perspective, only one credential requirement set achievement status is displayed per credential even if the student has multiple credential requirement set achievement statuses. The “best” credential requirement set achievement status is to be displayed for each credential, selected as follows:

  1. (Best) Achieved
  2. To Be Assessed
  3. (Lowest) Not Achieved

Equivalent Credentials

Awarding Order Student Awarded Credential Name “Equivalent” To
1 AHSD Alberta High School Diploma ADEX, ADVD, GHSD
2 ADEX Advanced High School Diploma with Excellence AHSD, ADVD, GHSD
3 ADVD Advanced High School Diploma AHSD, ADEX, GHSD
4 GHSD General High School Diploma AHSD, ADEX, ADVD
5 HSED High School Equivalency Diploma N/A
6 CHSA Certificate of High School Achievement IOPC
7 IOPC Certificate of Achievement CHSA
8 COSC Certificate of School Completion N/A
9 Has no Credential N/A

Credential Requirements

A Credential Requirement defines an achievement that is recognized by Alberta Education. A Credential Requirement can be met either through a student’s achievement(s) or through an exemption granted to the student.



  • The Achievement status indicates that student meets the details of the requirement, for example:
    • Achieved “Mathematics 20” requirement if they have successfully completed a Mathematics 20 course that is identified by the Mathematics 20 requirement
    • Achieved “Grant Code 500” requirement if they have a school enrolment with a Grant Code of 500 in the year of nomination


  • An Exemption can be granted to a student for a Credential Requirement which allows the student to meet the requirement without having achieved the details of the requirement, for example:
    • Exemption on “Physical Education 10” requirement means the student meets the requirement without needing to pass Physical Education 10

Credential Requirement Statuses

The credential requirement has an overall status that is set as a result of the Achievement specific to that Credential. These statuses are calculated as needed and are not persisted in the database.

Not Assessed

  • The student’s requirement achievement has not been manually assessed by a School or Ministry user.

Not Achieved

  • The student has not met a credential requirement via achievements that satisfied the requirement.


  • The student has met a credential requirement via achievements that satisfied the requirement.

Note: A student can satisfy/meet a requirement via achievements that satisfied the requirement or via an approved credential requirement exemption, however satisfying the requirement via an exemption is not reflected in the Credential Requirement Status.

A trigger Credential Requirement has an IsAssessmentTrigger value = true in the CredentialRequirementRelationship table for the requirement-credential combination. Trigger requirements are used by the Credential Eligibility Calculator to determine when a student is considered to be working towards a credential. Where the student has met all credential trigger requirements, they are considered to be working towards that credential.