Synchronizing School Enrolment Information

Synchronizing School Enrolment Information is one of the functional areas to consider when Integrating with PASI.


Architectural Considerations

The following questions should be considered when Synchronizing School Enrolment Information. See Synchronizing Data with PASI for general architectural considerations related to data synchronization.

What is the strategy to determine if the data in PASI or the data in the integrated solution must be updated when a school enrolment update does not originate from the organization that created the school enrolment?

The source of truth for Student School Enrolment data is from the organization (school/authority) that created the Student School Enrolment thus from the owning organization’s SIS. There may be instances when an update to an organization’s Student School Enrolment does not originate from the owning organization SIS (i.e. changed in PASIprep).

The integrated solution from the owning organization must notify its users of the Student School Enrolment changes that originate from outside the solution. The solution must provide its users with the ability to either accept the PASI enrolment change or reject the change and reset the PASI Student School Enrolment.

What approach is used to handle students who withdraw early?

Students sometime leave/withdraw from a school prior to the end of the school year. Their Student School Enrolments must be updated to reflect the early withdrawal from the school and the reason why they withdrew. Sometimes these students return back to the same school at some point later in the school year.

For those students who attended classes, even it was only for one day, and then withdraw from the school, their Exit Date set to the last day of classes attended, and the Exit Date Type must be updated to ‘Withdrawal Date’.

What approach is used for students leaving and then returning to the same school in the same school year and does the approach change if the other school is within the same school authority or outside the school authority?

When that same student returns back to the same school later in the school year, a new Student School Enrolment must be created. The prior Student School Enrolment must not be changed.