Add Medical Alert

The Add Medical Alert screen (based on the PASIprep Add Item Template) will allow a PASIprep user to add a new Medical Alert record.

Secured By

To be able to access this page, PASIprep users must:

If the security requirements are not met, user will be denied access and will see an unexpected error instead, as defined in the PASIprep UI Guidelines.

Data Fields

This screen includes fields for the following data elements:

Header Information

The following actions are available within the Action Toolbox in the header of the page.


When selected, this action will return the user to the View Student - Personal Information Tab.


When selected, this action will cleanse the Medical Alert Message field by:

  • Removing any leading or trailing spaces
  • Replacing any double spaces with single spaces (Note: this will not remove any blank lines).

Once cleansed, the Submit Medical Alert service is called to create a new Medical Alert record.