Crosslinking Guidelines

In PASIprep 2.0, whenever a value is displayed, if there is a corresponding 'view' page for the value, it should be presented as a link to allow user to access that view page.

The following is a list of value types that should have links to a corresponding View page when it's presented in a PASIprep Business Object Grid or Value List.

Value TypeLinks ToData Format
ASNView Student

Note: This should not be a link if the user does not have Access to the Student (Moved)
See Data Format Guidelines (Internal Formats)
Student (Preferred Name)
Organization Name and/or CodeThe corresponding organization page in PAS
Course Code and/or DescriptionView Course Information
Exam SittingView Exam Sitting
SectionView Section
School EnrolmentView School Enrolment
Credential NumberView Awarded Credential