List Letter Templates

The List Letter Templates page is accessible via the 'Admin' header menu item and allows a user to view Letter Templates individually.

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List Letter Templates

The list allows a PASIprep user to view a list of existing Letter Templates.

  • Standard view displays English text in grid.
  • French view displays French text in grid.

Data Grid

The grid below follows the PASIprep Business Object Grid guidelines.

* denotes fields that are visible on the grid by default.

Field Name Description
{Checkbox}As per PASIprep Business Object Grid guidelines.
{View Icon}View icon that links user to the View Letter Template Page.
{Edit Icon}Edit Icon that takes the user to the Edit Letter Template screen if the user has PASIprep Level 43 Permission - PASIprep Send Message.
Letter Title * Displays the title of the letter.
Last Updated * Displays the Last Updated based on the Letter Template Audit Information.

Note: Row emphasis indicates the letter template has been deactivated.