Rule 42004 - Course Permission Required

Rule Type Warning

Validated Data


The Credits Attempted on the course enrolment must equal the credit that the organization has permission to on the Course Permission for the organization on the enrolment as of the school year of the Section on the course enrolment.

This rule is effective as of the 2012/2013 school year.

A course code may be used on a course enrolment record where the organization on the record has permission to offer that course for the credits specified on that course enrolment’s section school year. If they don’t have permission on that timeframe, this rule fails.

No Permission Exists

Where no Course Permission exists for the course, credit version and organization, this rule should fail.

“No permission” means:

  • No A.* permission exists with a null credit version OR
  • No permission record exists for the organization on the course enrolment or its authority OR
  • A permission record exists for the organization on the section or its authority, but not for the timeframe and/or credit level.
  • No permission record exists at all.

Permission Exists

Permission with Null Credit Version

Where null Credit Version exists on the Course Permissions record:

Permission with Credit Version Information

Where Credit Version information is included on the Course Permissions record, one of the following must be true for the rule to pass:

Additional Notes

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When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Invalid Credits Attempted. The organization is not permitted to offer {Course Description}({Course Code}) for ({Credits Attempted}) credits.


  • {Credits Attempted (Course Enrolment)} means the Credits Attempted(Course Enrolment) field value on the Course Enrolment record
  • {Course Description} is the Course Full English Name value of the course in context
  • {Course Code} is the Course Code field value of the Enrolment Record

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Change History

  • Release 7.12 - Created

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