Student Enrolled in Course of the Exam

A student is considered to be enrolled in the course of a specific Exam if, at the Exam Scheduled Date/Time of the Exam Component’s Registration, there exists a Course Enrolment for the student, where all of the following are true:

  • The school year of the exam and the course enrolment is the same
  • The exam period of the exam selected is Jan, Apr, Jun, Aug and Nov
  • The course code of the enrolled course is the course code on the exam selected
  • The Course Enrolment Status is not ‘Withdrawn’, or ‘Incomplete
  • The course enrolment is not deleted
  • The School Code on the Section associated to the Course enrolment is the same as the School Code of the Writing Centre selected.

If the Course Enrolment Status is Completed then one of the following are also true:

Section Term Exam Period
Quarter 1 November
Semester 1 January
Quarter 2
Quarter 3 April
Semester 2 June
Full Year
Quarter 4
Summer August

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