Synchronizing Student Information

Synchronizing Student Information is one of the functional areas to consider when Integrating with PASI.


Synchronization of Student Information involves using the following services:

Architectural Considerations

The following questions should be considered if your integrated solution will be Synchronizing Student Information. See Synchronizing Data with PASI for general architectural considerations related to data synchronization.

Will the integrated solution store and persist a local copy of all the PASI Student data?

PASI contains student personal data such as Student Identity, Name, Citizenship, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Section 23, Information Disclosure Restriction, and Email Address, Language at Home, Medical Alert, Parent Guardian Contact for some of which there may be multiple records for a single student (i.e. multiple addresses). Users of an integrated solution will require access to this data to maintain a student’s personal data.

What approach is used to determine if PASI data or data within the solution must be updated when a student personal change for an associated student originates from another School/School authority?

Student personal data is not owned by any one school or school authority thus any one school/school authority cannot assume it has the most accurate student personal data. There may be instances when multiple schools/school authorities have the same student actively enrolled thus each are associated with to same student and receiving notification of changes to that student’s personal data.

The integrated solution is expected to notify its users of the student personal data changes and:

  • automatically apply those changes to the data within the solution or
  • provide users with the ability to either accept the PASI student personal change into the data within the solution or reject the change and reset the PASI student personal data back to the values stored within the solution. In order to make this decision, users must have access to PASI student audit data so they can contact other schools/school authorities to confirm which has the correct student personal data.

For example, a student is attending full time classes at a school but also taking distance learning upgrading course at another school (ADLC). The student’s fulltime school updates the student’s contact information and their SIS submits the updated data to PASI. ADLC’s SIS will receive notification of the student contact information change and notify its users of the data discrepancy between its SIS and PASI. ADLC users can, using the PASI student audit information, determine who and which organization made the change, call them, and determine who has the right contact information for the student. ADLC can then take appropriate action to either accept the new contact information into their SIS or to update/reset PASI with its contact information.

What is the strategy to deal with synchronization of Secondary to Primary ASN changes?

An integrated solution is expected to provide functionality to allow its users to change the ASN associated to a student and also automatically accept the change in ASN to the students other information.

See Managing Alberta Student Numbers for more information.

What is the approach to deal with deleted student personal data?

PASI allows for multiple Student personal entries such as addresses, names, phone numbers, disclosure restrictions, email addresses, medical alerts, parent guardian contacts, etc. One or more of these entries can be deleted. When deleted, the integrated solution will be notified of a student change via Is Data Available however the ‘deleted’ entries will not be returned in the subsequent Get Student (2019 Endpoint) service call.

An integrated solution is expected to check for deleted student personal entries when processing a student change notification from Is Data Available and ensure deleted entries are no longer displayed and/or removed from the data within the solution. Each PASI student personal entry has a unique RefId thus comparison of RefIds returned from PASI vs. those in solution's data can be used to determine which Student personal entry will no longer be displayed and removed from the solution.