Managing Alberta Student Numbers

The Alberta Student Number (ASN) is the unique number assigned to each student. This number is used as the key when retrieving or managing information about a student.

Occasionally, students are created more than once in PASI. Each copy of the student is assigned an ASN. Once identified, Student Records will determine which of the ASNs will be used as the Primary ASN. Other ASNs will be considered Secondary ASN.

If an ASN should have never been created within PASI, the ASN may be deactivated, meaning that the ASN should no longer be used.

When Integrating with PASI, it is important to understand ASN Status when Managing Alberta Student Numbers.

Architectural Considerations

The following questions should be considered in when Managing Alberta Student Numbers.

What approach will be used to respond to changes in ASN Status?

PASI Student Records will determine which of the duplicate ASNs will be the Primary ASN used go-forward and which will be changed to an either an associated Secondary ASN or deactivated. When PASI Student Records changes an ASN to a Secondary ASN, PASI will update all associated data to reference the Primary ASN and provide notification of the change to solutions that are synchronizing the data.