Secondary ASN

When one Alberta Student Number is linked to another, both ASNs become associated to a single student. However, after the linkage, only one of the ASNs is considered active or the Primary ASN. All other ASNs are consider Secondary ASNs.

When linking Alberta Student Numbers the academic information will be moved from the secondary to the primary ASN. For more information about linking ASNs see:

When a linkage is performed, the two student’s are ‘merged’ into a single record. Therefore:

  • When requesting information using the Primary ASN, demographic information associated to the student comes from the student record identified with as the Primary ASN, but other details are combined from all Primary and Secondary ASNs (i.e. the Student School Enrolment records from all the linked ASNs are now accessible by using the student’s Primary ASN).
  • When requesting student information associated to a Primary ASN, the PASI Core will also indicate all other Secondary ASNs that the student was previously known by (i.e. the ASNs that have been linked).
  • When requesting student information associated to a Secondary ASN, the response will only contain information associated with the Secondary ASN, but will also indicate the appropriate Primary ASN that should now be used.

For validation rules around Secondary ASNs see Secondary Students.