Undelete Home Education Notification

This page is accessed from where the user selects a deleted Home Education Notification for Undeletion:

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This dialog allows user to undelete a previously deleted Home Education Notification record.

The dialog presents the data using the PASIprep Dialog - Alert/Confirmation/Information.

Secured By

Users with PASIprep Level 59 Permission - Manage Home Education can perform this action.

Delete Home Education Notification

This dialog allows a user to undelete a Home Education Notification record that was previously deleted by a user.

No Function

Selecting the No action closes the dialog without saving any changes as per PASIprep Dialog - Alert/Confirmation/Information.

Yes Function

Selecting the Yes action closes the dialog and saves the changes by updating the IsDeleted value to true for the record (as per PASIprep Dialog - Alert/Confirmation/Information).

Google Analytics

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