PASIprep Audit History Grid

This is an UI Pattern for the PASIprep UI Guidelines used to display a list of audit records for a specific record. Its behavior is identical to the PASIprep Business Object Grid, with some additional guidelines and exceptions.

All available columns for the associated Business Object (which will be defined in the feature design) will be available by default on the Audit History grid to allow user to compare the values between records. In addition to the Business Object columns:

  • The Updated On (formatted as per the Data Format Guidelines) column will be shown as the first visible column in the grid:
  • ASN should be the second column if it is included.
    • ASN is required when the record displayed is considered as Academic Information1) for the student.
  • The following columns will be shown as the last 2 visible columns in the grid:

As documented in the PASIprep Business Object Grid:

  • if a value has a corresponding View Item screen, it will be presented as a link on the grid.
    • The exception to this is if the value is a reference to a separate entity (e.g. Citizenship Status references Student Document Reference ID). In this case, the value should be presented as the business identifier of the identity and should be hyperlinked to take the user to the “View Audit History” of the associated entity (e.g. View Student Document Details - Audit History).
    • If an exception to this needs to be made for a given feature, the feature should clearly that it is an exception and document how it is deviating from the guideline.

Unlike the PASIprep Business Object Grid:

  • there should be no actions available for user in an Audit History grid - thus, items such as the Checkbox Column, the View Column and the Edit Column are never used in an Audit History grid.
  • [Export to CSV] is not required; the design should specify whether this should be included (by default it is not required)
this generally includes records that are moved from secondary ASN to primary ASN in the Submit Student State Province ID Status service