By Exam Registration

Once a Student has been registered to write an exam at a Writing Centre, the writing centre becomes associated to the student. The writing centre is associated to the student while a Diploma Exam Mark Component with a Component Mark Status of Registered is associated to an Diploma Exam Sitting for the writing centre with a Scheduled Date and Time in the future.

When a request is made (for example) to update the student’s address, the PASI Client must be representing a writing centre (or their authority) in which the student has an exam with a status of Registered and exam written on date is in the future.

@#6495ed:Student > @#6495ed:Exam Registration > @#6495ed:Writing Centre > @#6495ed:Organization > @#6495ed:PASI Client

A student is associated to a writing center based until the future date specified on the exam registration.

Note: This type of Student Association expires the day the exam is written.