Course Relationships

Identifies all the relationships a course may have.

  • Typical - Course Relationship Type = TYP. Identifies the typical prerequisite course in the sequence. Most 10 level courses will not have a typical prerequisite course, while most 20 and 30 courses will. Only one course can be defined as the Typical Prerequisite.
  • Possible - Course Relationship Type = POS. Identifies possible prerequisites from other course sequences.
  • Other - Course Relationship Type = PRQ. Identifies all other courses that may be used to meet the prerequisite requirement.
  • Waived Prerequisite Credit - Course Relationship Type = WPC. Identifies the set of courses that are deemed equivalent from a prerequisite perspective. A student cannot be awarded waived prerequisite credits if they have already received credit in one of these courses.
  • Equivalent - Course Relationship Type = REG. Identifies the set of courses that are deemed equivalent to this course. If a student has credits in one of these equivalent courses, they will not be awarded credit in this course.
  • Course Challenge - Course Relationship = CHA. Identifies the set of courses that are equivalent to the course from a challenge perspective. If the student has earned credit in the course they cannot also earn credit in this set of courses via a course challenge.

Parent Business Objects

This business object is considered a child business object of Course.


This business object includes the following attributes:

Attribute Name Attribute Type Optionality Cardinality
Number to Complete Data Element Optional Single
Can Be Waived Data Element Optional Single
Related Courses Child Business Object Mandatory
First School Year (Course Relationship) Data Element Mandatory Single
Last School Year (Course Relationship) Data Element Optional Single
Relationship Type (Course) Data Element Mandatory Single

Business Object References

This business object is referenced from other business objects via the following attributes:

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Data Access Rules

The following rules are applied to control access to view/add/edit the records created based on this business object.

Access to a Record

All course information is available publicly with no restrictions.

Adding a new Record

No course information may be added in PASI.

Updating a Record

No course information may be updated in PASI.