Parent Business Objects

This business object is considered a top-level business object and has no parent business objects.


This business object includes the following attributes:

Attribute Name Attribute Type Optionality Cardinality
Accumulated Credit MaximumData ElementOptionalSingle
Course AuthorizationsChild Business ObjectMandatory
Course CategoryCalculated PropertyMandatorySingle
Course CodeData ElementMandatorySingle
Course Completion MethodsChild Business ObjectMandatory
Course English Short NameData ElementMandatorySingle
Evaluation MethodData ElementMandatorySingle
Course French Short NameData ElementMandatorySingle
Course Full English NameData ElementMandatorySingle
Course Full French NameData ElementMandatorySingle
Course PermissionsChild Business ObjectOptional
Course RelationshipsChild Business ObjectOptional
Course SeriesData ElementOptionalSingle
Developed ByData ElementMandatorySingle
Discipline CodeData ElementMandatorySingle
First Pilot School YearData ElementOptionalSingle
First School Year (Course)Data ElementMandatorySingle
Funding TierData ElementMandatorySingle
Instruction LevelData ElementMandatorySingle
Intended Grade LevelData ElementMandatorySingle
Is Diploma CourseCalculated PropertyMandatorySingle
Is KAECalculated PropertyMandatorySingle
Is PilotCalculated PropertyMandatorySingle
Is RAPCalculated PropertyMandatorySingle
Is Territory Course CodeCalculated PropertyMandatorySingle
Last Pilot School YearData ElementOptionalSingle
Last Published DateData ElementMandatorySingle
Last Published VersionData ElementMandatorySingle
Last School Year (Course)Data ElementOptionalSingle
Ledger Course CodeData ElementOptionalMultiple
Legacy SubjectData ElementMandatorySingle
Occupational AreaCalculated PropertyOptionalSingle
Sequence LevelCalculated PropertyMandatorySingle
Sequence SeriesCalculated PropertyMandatorySingle
Subject CodeData ElementMandatorySingle

Business Object References

Data Format Guidelines

Format: {Course Long Description} ({Course Code})

  • Course Code with a Legend is acceptable in layouts where there is not enough room to display the description
  • When presented in a data grid, the Course Description and Course Code should be displayed in separate columns.

Data Access Rules

The following rules are applied to control access to view/add/edit the records created based on this business object.

Access to a Record

All course information is available publicly with no restrictions.

Adding a new Record

No course information may be added in PASI.

Updating a Record

No course information may be updated in PASI.