Map GED Examinee

The Map Examinee screen allows Student Records to explicitly map (link) a GED Examinee to a Student (ASN) in PASI. The GED Examinee to ASN mapping can also be unmapped (unlinked). GED Exam Mark associated to an unmapped GED Examinee (not associated to a student) cannot exist on a student's record.

Secured By

Refer to the GED Examinee Data Access Rules for the security used to control access to this functionality and the actions that can be performed.

Map GED Examinee

Allows a PASIprep user to map a specific GED Examinee record to a PASI Student

Data Fields

The following information is available in this section of the screen:

FieldDescriptionFormatData Access Rules (Optional)
Submitted ASNAlberta Student Number submitted on the GED Examinee record - -
ASN to MapAn ASN Find Control using Find Student - -
GED Examinee NameGED Examinee Name. Name -
Preferred NameStudent’s preferred name. Name -
Legal NameStudent’s legal name. Name -
Birth DateGED Examine birth date - -
Birth DateStudent’s birth date - -
AddressGED Examinee address. single line format -
AddressStudent Address. single line format -
Phone NumberGED Examinee phone number - -
Phone NumberMapped ASN phone number - -
Last UpdatedIdentifies when the information was last updated. - -
Last Updated ByIdentifies the user name of the person making the change. - -


Cancels the “map ged examinee” operation


Calls the Submit GED Examinee service.

Any errors returned from the service will be displayed as per PASIprep 2.0 Error Display Guidelines

If successful, then Rule 49519 - Examinee Not Mapped will be removed as a GED File Load Issue on the examinee.