Obtaining Organization Information

PASI uses an Organization ID in most services to reference a specific organization (i.e. a school authority or school). When Integrating with PASI, solutions can obtain more details about the organizations (such as their name, location, etc.).


Obtaining Organization Information involves using the following services:

Architectural Considerations

The following questions should be considered when Obtaining Organization Information from PASI.

What PASI school authority and school information will the solution utilize?

A student can attend one or more schools at the same time. As such multiple schools can be associated to the same student at the same time thus each can update the student’s personal information. Sometime one school’s student update may be questioned by another school (i.e. do not agree with an address change).

All student personal changes are audited by PASI. Some of the data captured by PASI’s audit process includes the name of the user that changed the student data and their related organization code. Student audit information is available for viewing by users associated to a student.

PASI recommends that PASI school authority and school data be fully synchronized and used to more clearly identify, when displaying student audit data, who and what organization changed a student’s data. For example instead of just showing the user’s organization code also show the organization name. As well, make available contact information for the organization that made the student change. With this information users from different organizations can contact each other to determine the correct student data and update PASI and their local data accordingly.

How will the solution synchronize with PASI School Authority and School data?

School Authority and School data must be synchronized in the same manner as other PASI data.