PASI Settings - Official Document Settings

The PASI Settings - Official Document Settings from the PASIprep PASI Settings screen is used to manage the Official Document Settings (ex: Minister's signature).

Official Document Settings Tab

Template used by this screen: PASIprep List Items Template

Data Fields

Field Name Description
Edit Official Document SettingsPage Title
Minister's SignatureHeading label
Enabled?Identifies if the Minister's signature is enabled for printing on the official documents.
Should the current Minister's Signature be used for distribution of official documents?Informational text.
Signature Last Updated OnIdentifies the date when the Minister's signature came into effect.

Processing for Controls

Control Processing
Edit buttonHidden when the user does not have PASIprep Level 36 Permission - Manage myPass Settings.
Clicking the button will open the Edit Official Document Settings

Settings Stored In

The settings on this screen are stored in the PASI Settings