Rule 44004 - Unreasonable Awarded Credential School Year

Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data

This rule is used to validate the following data in a Student Credential record:

To perform this validation, the following information is used:


The school year for a student's awarded credential must be reasonable. The school year may not be before the school year associated to the student's date of birth.

For re-issuing the birthdate for the student is found by first finding the credential with the number, and then finding the student associated to that credential.

For awarding a single credential, the birthdate is found from the ASN on the request.

Effective Period

  • This validation rule is in effect for all school years.

Additional Notes


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Unreasonable credential awarded school year. The school year, set to {Awarded School Year}, may not be on or before the year associated to the student's date of birth.

Applies To

Change History

  • Release 4.01 – Added/Updated
  • Release 6.0 - Updated to consider only non-deleted credentials