DeliveredInError (Order Item Status)

This is a code value from the Order Item Status code class.

Where Student Records becomes aware of a situation where a document was delivered to the incorrect recipient because of some issue, the corresponding document order item should be marked as “Delivered in Error”.

In the case of credential document order items, this could be the result of:

  • The credential being requested for the incorrect ASN – this would result in a recipient receiving someone else’s credential.
  • The credential recipient being entered incorrectly – this would result in the incorrect recipient receiving the student’s credential.

This will provide the student with information to understand who received their document information (supporting FOIP).


English Short Description Delivered in Error
English Long Description The order item was sent for delivery, then it was identified that the order item details were incorrect.
French Short Description Erreur de livraison
French Long Description Les détails de la commande étaient incorrects.
Sequence Number

Effective Period

Can be used during any time period.

Database Mapping

Code Value ID: 97080