Download PAT ISP Dialog

The Download PAT ISP Dialog allows a user to download PAT ISPs (PDF)s for one or more students. This dialog can be accessed from:

The dialog is presented with a different title depending on how the dialog is accessed.

Accessed From Screen
View Student
List School Enrolments


The following control is available once one or more students have been checked in the List School Enrolments grid (an error message dialog is presented if no students are selected).

Control Behavior from View Student Behavior from List School Enrolments
School Year
  • A list of school years that the student has at least one PAT Result
  • The list should be sorted in reverse chronological order (latest to oldest).
  • The most recent year selected by default.
  • The earliest school year shown will be the 2018/2019 school year (the first school year in which PASI received PAT data)
  • All school years after 2018/2019 up to and including the current school year will be included.
  • The school year prior to the earliest current school year will be selected by default.

A dropdown allowing the user to select the language the PDFs will be generated in:

  • English (default)
  • French
Name Files By

A list of file naming options including:

  • Last Name, First Name, ASN (Default)
  • First Name, Last Name, ASN
  • ASN, Last Name, First Name
  • ASN, First Name, Last Name

Dialog Buttons

The following buttons are available on the dialog (from right to left).


Pressing the [Generate] button will trigger the following:

  • The Get PAT Result ISP service will be called to generate the requested PDF(s). Request Info used:
    • ASN – Either:
      • the ASN of the student in context on the View Student screen, or
      • the list of ASNs selected from the List School Enrolments (note: if the same student was selected more than once, only 1 PAT ISP will be generated).
    • Document Language
    • School Year

The .pdf file(s) obtained will be named as per the Name Files By field. Either:

  • {School Year} ISP for {Last Name}_{First Name}_{ASN}_{Language}_{Current Timestamp}.pdf
  • {School Year} ISP for {First Name}_{Last Name}_{ASN}_{Language}_{Current Timestamp}.pdf
  • {School Year} ISP for {ASN}_{Last Name}_{First Name}_{Language}_{Current Timestamp}.pdf
  • {School Year} ISP for {ASN}_{First Name}_{Last Name}_{Language}_{Current Timestamp}.pdf


  • {School Year} is the school year selected in the format YYYY
  • {Language} is the Code Text of the language selected (EN/FR)
  • The {Current Timestamp} will be formatted as YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss.

The file downloaded will depend on where the dialog was launched.

  • When requested from View Student, the single PDF will be downloaded
  • When requested from List School Enrolments, a ZIP file will be downloaded containing the requested PDFs.
  • The ZIP file will be named ISP-{School Year}-{Language}-{datetime}.zip where:
    • {School Year} is the school year selected in the format YYYY
    • {Language} is the Code Text of the language selected (EN/FR)
    • {datetime} is the created date time stamp for the zip file in the format YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss.
  • The ZIP file will also contain a Processing Summary Report.
    • The Processing Summary Report (an excel file) will be produced and included in the zip
    • The Processing Summary report contains no information at this time - a feature will be raised to add data to this report to be implemented in a subsequent release.


This closes the dialog without downloading any PAT ISP documents.