Managing Core Alerts

PASI uses Core Alerts to highligh real or potential issues with the data within PASI. When Integrating with PASI, solutions should incorporate these Core Alerts to understanding and to highlight issues with the data. Using Core Alerts, users can understand and correct issues with the data.


Architectural Considerations

The following questions should be considered when implementing functionality for Managing Core Alerts.

What is the approach to notify users of PASI core alerts?

PASI generates core alerts to notify school and school authority users of real and potential issues related to their PASI data. School and school authority users must be made aware of these issues so they can take investigate and take action to correct the data issues.

There can be numerous PASI core alerts associated to a school/school authority and they may change often depending on updates made to PASI data.

An integrated solution must allow users to see core alerts associated with the user’s data.

PASI recommends that users have a page to view all core alerts related to their organization. For example a school user must only see all core alerts related to students in their school while an authority user must be able to see all core alerts related to students in any school in the authority. See PASIprep Work Items (production version).

PASI recommends that users who are viewing details for a specific student can also see the core alerts for just that student.

What is the SIS approach to notify users of new, changed, and removed PASI core alerts?

Core Alerts data must be synchronized in the same manner as other PASI data.

What approach is used to allow users to manage core alerts?

Core alerts have an associated Acknowledgement Status.

An integrated solution that allows the management of data, must also allow users to set core alert statuses to set core alert statuses.

PASI recommends that an integrated solution provide filtering criteria to allow users focus on specific or groups of core alerts. Filtering such as by School Year, Organization, Severity, Issue, Status, Student/ASN, Grade, etc.

PASI recommends that Acknowledged and Overridden work items are filtered out on initial display but can be displayed by removing the filter.

See PASIprep List Work Items functionality for an example of these recommendations.