Undelete School Enrolment

This page is accessed from anywhere the user selects a student's enrolment record to be undeleted:

Secured By

Refer to Student School Enrolment Data Access Rules for the security used to control access to this functionality.

Undelete School Enrolment Record

This dialog allows a user to undelete an existing School Enrolment record.

This dialog allows user to undelete an existing School Enrolment record.

The dialog presents the data using the PASIprep Dialog - Alert/Confirmation/Information.

No Function

Selecting the No action closes the dialog without saving any changes as per PASIprep Dialog - Alert/Confirmation/Information.

Yes Function

Selecting the Yes action closes the dialog and saves the changes by updating the IsDeleted value to true for the record (as per PASIprep Dialog - Alert/Confirmation/Information).

Google Analytics

Each tab should be tracked as a page view in the analytics as described in the PASIprep Analytics Guidelines.