View Transcript Payment Details

This screen allows the user to view the full details of a Transcript Payment.

This screen uses the PASIprep View Item Template

Secured By

The base PASIprep Permission Levels used to control access to the View Transcript Payment Details is:

Common Student elements

Identifier Subtitle As described in the Page Title Header guideline.
Student Status Badges See Student Status Badges for full details on the the status badges that can be displayed on a student record.

Details Tab

The Details tab is the only tab for the page.

Data Fields

Alberta Student NumberThe ASN associated to the Transcript payment item.
* Links to View Student for the ASN
Document OrderThe Document Order Number of the Transcript order.
* Clicking on the hyperlink takes user to the myPass’ Order History screen for the first Order Item in the Order
Total CostTotal Amount on the Document Order
Amount Collected Document Order Amount Collected on the Document Order
Payment Reference IDThe Document Order Payment Transaction ID on the Document Order
Payment MethodThe Document Order Payment Method used
Created ByThe user who created the Transcript Document Order
* The value of the Document Order Education Account Identifier on the Document Order
Created Date/TimeThe value of the Order Placed Date/Time on the Document Order
Last UpdatedThe last updated date/time for the record
Last Updated ByThe user who last modified the record


EditOpens the Edit Transcript Payment Details page for the current record
Download ReceiptSelecting this option will open the receipt PDF - see Payment Receipts Specification for more details