Add Student Hold

This page is available from the List Student Holds screen.

This screens allows the user to add a new Student Hold.

The screen presents the data using the PASIprep Add Item Template.

This page uses the Submit Student Hold service.

Secured By

User can access this page if they meet the Student Hold Data Access Rules for creating an information disclosure restriction.

Add Student Hold

This page allows a user to create a new Student Hold.

Data Fields

The following information is available in this section of the screen:

Field Description
Alberta Student NumberThe Alberta Student Number is a mandatory field for the Student Hold.
Student Hold TypeA mandatory field that allows the user to select the Student Hold Type.
Expiry DateThe expiry date is a mandatory filed that must be entered in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD. The expiry date must be in the future and cannot be any further than 6 months from today's date.
NotesThe notes field is optional and provides a short description to provide context for the Student Hold

Actions Toolbox


Refer to the updating a record section of the Data Access page for security used to control access to this functionality.

Clicking [Save] performs the following:

  • Validate data is entered correctly (all required fields entered, values are in proper format, etc.)

When the form data passes validation:

  • Call the Submit Student Hold service with the mandatory parameters and optional parameters the user entered on the form to update the Student Hold.
  • the user will be returned back to the page they were on prior to this page as per PASIprep UI Guidelines.

When the form data does not pass validation:

  • the user will be returned back to the List Student Holds page with any errors shown and the same values shown as when they did the SAVE.


The user will be returned back to the page they were on prior to this page as per PASIprep UI Guidelines.

Google Analytics

Each tab should be tracked as described in the PASIprep Analytics Guidelines.