List Student Document Submissions

  • The Student Document Submission records are accessible via the “Student Documents” header menu item.
  • The page allows a user to view Document Submissions for their organization that were loaded within the last calendar year (365 days from today's date) based on the Document Submission Uploaded Date and Time.

Secured By

To access this screen the user must have PASIprep Level 46 Permission - Manage Student Document Submissions.

Data Grid

Records returned on the grid are limited to those Document Submissions that the user has access to as per the Access to a Document Submissioin section of the document submission data access rules.

* displayed by default

Field NameDescription
{Checkbox Icon}*Select a record.
{View Icon}*When selected, takes the user to the View Student Document Submission screen.
Document Submission File Name*Contains the Document Submission File Name
Uploaded Date/Time*Displays the Document Submission Uploaded Date and Time for the document submission
Uploaded by User*Displays the user who uploaded the document submission
Organization*Displays the organization name and code that uploaded the document submission. (Organization of the Uploaded by User)
Organization CodeDisplays the Organization Code
Organization NameDisplays the Organization Operating Name
Status*Displays the Document Submission Status
Number Added*Displays the number of document submission items that were successfully added as a result of the processing of the document submission
Number Failed*Displays the number of document submission items that failed as a result of the processing of the document submission
Rejection Reason(s)* Displays the Document Submission Rejections for the document submission
Deleted?Displays whether the document submission is deleted. Deleted document submission rows are highlighted in red.

Action Menu Options

Load Document Submission File

When selected the user is presented with two choices:

With Waybill

Without Waybill

RevertWhen a record is selected and the user selects this action, all processed document submission items will be deleted from PASI

Revert Confirmation Dialog

Where the user has selected the Revert action from the action menu, the revert confirmation will display to the user. Revert action can only be completed within 14 days after the document submission has been loaded.

Where the user selects [Yes] from the confirmation, the records in the selected document submission will become deleted.

Where the user selects [No], no changes will be saved.

Validation Rules