Rule 40500 - Invalid Diploma Exam Registration Submission

Rule Name Invalid Diploma Exam Registration Submission
Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data


This rule ensures that diploma exam registrations can only be submitted if there is either no Diploma Exam Registration Fee required, or if a fee is required that the student has a Diploma Exam Waived Fee that is “Available” and would not be expired prior to the exam date that can be used to pay the Diploma Exam Registration Fee.
Diploma Exam Registrations are Exam Mark records with Exam Type of DPE and PDE, and a Status of “Registered”.

Fee requirement is determined by the Diploma Exam Fee Calculator factoring in prior fee payments, the organization of the submitting user, existing diploma exam registrations, and the student's school enrolment.

This rule does not apply if:

  • The Diploma Exam Mark is getting updated to a status that is not “Registered”.
  • User is deleting the registration.

Effective Starting School Year: 2014/2015

Additional Notes


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned to:

School/authority users:

  • Cannot submit or manage a diploma exam registration when a fee is required. This registration requires a fee of type ”({fee type short description})” and it must be managed through myPass.

Ministry users:

  • This registration requires a fee({fee type short description}) and must be managed through a Diploma Exam Registration Request.

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Change History

  • Bug 8596 - Updated
  • Release 4.11 Updated for Fee Type messaging
  • Release 4.08 Updated for Student Fee Coupon
  • Release 4.06 - Updated
  • Release 4.04 – Added/Updated

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