FailedDelivery (Order Item Status)

This is a code value from the Order Item Status code class.

Where a document is returned to Student Records as undeliverable, Student Records can mark that order item as “Failed Delivery”. This is important because these records will now be visible to a student via myPass. If this field is not set, it would appear to the student on myPass that the order item was successfully “Sent for Delivery.” This could be very confusing to a student or recipient if they have not received the document.

Where a credential order is marked as “failed delivery”, the Document Order Notification Processor is initiated to send a message to the student.


English Short Description Failed Delivery
English Long Description The order item was sent for delivery and the delivery failed.
French Short Description Échec de livraison
French Long Description La livraison a échoué.
Sequence Number

Effective Period

Can be used during any time period.

Database Mapping

Code Value ID: 97060