Request Disposal of Eligible Documents

This screen allows a PASIprep user to request disposal of documents that are eligible to be disposed of. Eligible documents include Student Documents that:

Secured By

PASIprep users must have PASIprep Level 48 Permission - Dispose Student Documents **OBSOLETE** to access this screen. If the security requirements are not met, user will be denied access and will see an unexpected error instead, as defined in the PASIprep UI Guidelines.

Informational Message

The following informational messages is presented on the screen:

Please note that the counts displayed on this screen are approximate and may not reflect changes made since this screen was loaded.

Documents Eligible For Disposal

This section of the screen displays the total documents eligible for disposal and the total students that have documents eligible for disposal.

Data Grid

* displayed by default

Field NameDescription
Document Type*The name of the document to be disposed
Total Documents*The number of eligible documents of the specified Document Type.
Total Students*The number of students with an eligible document of the specified Document Type.

This grid is sorted based on Document Type.

Students Excluded From Disposal

Students on this grid do not qualify to have their documents disposed as they currently have an active Student Hold.

Data Grid

* displayed by default

Field NameDescription
ASN*The Alberta Student Number for the student. Displays as a link to the Student if the user meets the Access to the Student (Moved) data access rules.
Student Name*The Preferred Name of the student. This is presented as a link only when the user meets the data access rules to view a student.
Student Last NameThe last name of the student's Preferred Name
Student Name Suffix The suffix of the student's Preferred Name
First NameThe first name of the student's Preferred Name
Middle NameThe middle name of the student's Preferred Name
Reason*Displays the Student Hold Type from the active Student Hold record. If there is a Student Hold of both types the StudentDocumentDisposalOverride (Student Hold Type) type will be displayed.
In order to see data within this field the user must have PASIprep Level 32 Permission - Manage Student Hold Information.

Action Tool Box

Request DisposalProcesses the requests to dispose the eligible documents and creates a Student Document Disposal Audit Event record for each eligible document.
CancelWhen selected, this action will not process any of the eligible documents and re-directs the user to the PASIprep Homepage.