Student (Course Enrolment)

Identifies the Student which is enrolled in the course.

Business Object Course Enrolment
Optionality Mandatory
Data Format A reference to a valid Student.

Validation Rules

User Interface Guidelines

When this data element is presented, as the using the

Data Format Guidelines

This data element is formatted using the using the ASN formatting guidelines of the referenced student record.

Read Only Field

When this data element is displayed, it is displayed as the ASN of the referenced student record.

Editable Field

When this data element is available to be edited in PASIprep, an ASN Input with Find Student control should be used as outlined below:

Field Name Alberta Student Number
Mandatory? Yes
Default Value The existing value from the record being edited.
Null Value Blank
Security Requirements This field is always available.

Data Grid Column

When this data element is displayed in a PASIprep Data Grid it should adhere to the following guidelines:

Column Heading ASN
Column Width Auto
Filtering Style ASN Filter
Contains The formatted ASN of the student associated to the record.
Null Values Blank
Column Security Requirements This column is always available.
Data Security Requirements The data in this column is always available.