Add External Credential

The Add External Credential page allows a user to create a new External Credential for a student. This screen uses the PASIprep Add Item Template.

Secured By

The user must satisfy the data_access_rules for adding a record in order to access this screen.

Common Student Elements

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Student Status Badges See Student Status Badges for full details on the status badges that can be displayed on a student record.

Actions Toolbox


Refer to the adding a record section of the Data Access page for security used to control access to this functionality.

Clicking [Save] performs the following:

  • Validate data is entered correctly (all required fields entered, values are in proper format, etc.)

When the form data passes validation:

When the form data does not pass validation:

  • the user will be returned back to the Add External Credential page with any errors shown and the same values shown as when they did the SAVE.


The user will be returned back to the page they were on prior to this page as per the Navigation Between Bulk List of Items and Individual Item View guidelines.

Data Fields

Add External Credential Fields

* denotes mandatory data elements

Field NameDescription
Alberta Student Number*Displays the ASN that the record is being created for.
External Credential Name*A dropdown list containing a list of all External Credential Names.
Awarding Organization*A dropdown list containing a list of the Awarding Organizations for the External Credential Name selected.
Awarded Date*The Awarded Date date field is used to enter when the External Credential was awarded or achieved. Cannot be future dated.

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