Edit Student Email Address

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This screens allows user to edit an existing Student Email record and its unacknowledged work items.

The screen presents the data using the PASIprep Edit Item Template.

This page uses the Submit Email Address service.

Secured By

User can access this page if they meet the Student Email Address Data Access Rules.

Common Student Elements

Identifier Subtitle As described in the Page Title Header guideline.
Student Status Badges See Student Status Badges for full details on the the status badges that can be displayed on a student record.

Data Fields - Student Email Address

The following information is entered for a student email address.

Alberta Student NumberThis is the ASN associated to the Student Identity record.
Links to View Student for the ASN.
Email AddressDisplays the email address on the record.
Active?Displays the Student Email Is Active for the record at the time of the update.
Reference #Displays the Reference # for the record.

Cancel Function

Selecting the Cancel action redirects the user as per the UI Navigation guidelines without saving any changes.

Save Function

Selecting the Save action will save the record and the user will be directed as per the UI Navigation guidelines.

Google Analytics

Each tab should be tracked as a page view in the analytics as described in the PASIprep Analytics Guidelines.