Unapprove Evaluated Mark

This page is accessed from where the user selects an Evaluated Mark(s) for unapproval from any of the following screens:

This dialog allows user to unapproved an Evaluated Mark record.

The dialog presents the data using the PASIprep Dialog - Alert/Confirmation/Information.

Secured By

User can access this page if they meet the Evaluated Mark Data Access Rules.

Common Student elements

Identifier Subtitle As described in the Page Title Header guideline.

Unapprove Evaluated Mark(s)

This dialog allows a user to unapproved one or more evaluated mark records.

If user selected a record is already Unapproved and hits [Unapprove], an alert dialog titled “No Updated Required” with the message “The selected record is not an approved record.” is shown.

No Function

Selecting the No action closes the dialog without saving any changes as per PASIprep Dialog - Alert/Confirmation/Information.

Yes Function

If user confirms the action in the dialog, the Submit Mark Approval service is used to update the selected record(s).
Request information:

  • Mark Type = “Evaluated”
  • Is Mark Approved = false (for Unapprove)
  • Identifier of the selected Evaluated Mark to unapprove.

If successful, the dialog closes.
If there are errors, display the error in the error message panel (as stated in the guidelines).

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