Onboard Student

Schools go through a number of steps to onboard a student. Schools with either use their SIS which is integrated with PASI to look up Student information or will access PASIprep directly to onboard a new/returning student.


Primary Scenario #1 – Onboard Existing Student

This scenario begins with a School, School Authority or Ministry User for the purposes of recording information about a student that is (or is planning to) attend the school.

  1. School/School Authority user collects student information which is used to search for any existing information for the student. Student/parents of student will need to provide identification documents (e.g. birth certificate) for school to correctly identify the student.
  2. School/School Authority user identifies the student in PASI via one of the following searches and selects the matching student ASN:
    1. PASIprep: Through the Find Student available from the PASIprep Homepage
    2. Integrated SIS: Through the Identify Student service.
  3. School/School Authority reviews the student's information using:
  4. School/School Authority user manages the student information in the PASIprep system by following the steps in the Manage Student Information sub-process.
  5. School/School Authority user registers the student to their school using the Managing Student Enrolment to School sub-process.

This scenario ends with the student being successfully onboarded at the School.

Alternate Scenario #1 - Onboard New Student

This scenario continues from Step 2 of the Primary Scenario where the student couldn't be identified within the PASIprep system.

  1. School/School Authority user creates a record for the student in PASI using:
    1. Integrated SIS: Create Student

This scenario continues with Step 3 of the Primary Scenario.