Core Alerts Overview

After an update has been successfully applied to the PASI Core, as part of the PASI Validation processes a series of additional checks are performed which apply a number of additional business rules against the data. If any of these checks fail, a Core Alert will be generated and recorded as part of the record’s Validation Status object.

The absence of any Core Alerts, means that the data within the PASI Core passes all the validations. A Core Alert indicates that something is (or could be) wrong with the data within the PASI Core. Each Core Alert highlights a specific issue based on the failure of a single Validation Rule for a record being evaluated by a Status Processor. These Core Alerts are categorized into:

Alert Type Description

Warnings indicate that although the data was successfully processed, it is not correct and needs to be fixed.

For example, an enrolment record contains two grants program codes that are incompatible with each other. These issues need to be resolved before the information can be synchronized with other Alberta Education systems.

Advice (Alert Type)

Advice indicates situations that are suspected of being incorrect.

For example, a student that is 9 years old being enrolled in Grade 1. Although these situations may be valid, they are flagged as situations that require confirmation.

These Core Alerts lists are provided as part of the Validation Status of a record which can be retrieved using the appropriate Get Status service:

Each core alert can be reviewed and acknowledged by a user and has a status that highlights whether or not the identified issue is being reviewed:

Acknowledgement Status Description For Advice For Warnings
Unacknowledged No one has acknowledged that they are working to address this issue. Yes Yes
In Progress Someone has identified that they are currently investigating this issue. Yes Yes
Acknowledged Indicates the issue was reviewed and the data is correct as-is (no changes are required). Yes No
Overridden Indicates the issue was reviewed and the Warning is being overridden as the Warning is blocking downstream processing. No Yes

Core Alerts can be acknowledged by using the following services:

When using PASIprep, Core Alerts are presented as Work Items that a PASIprep user can acknowledge by using the manage_sis_work_items or List Work Items functionality or through PASIprep Work Item Card.