Student Citizenship Status

Data Format A valid Citizenship Status code value.

Business Object References

This data element is used in the following business objects:

Validation Rules

User Interface Guidelines

Unless otherwise specified, this data element should adhere to the guidelines below.

Data Format Guidelines

When this data element is presented, it should be formatted as Code Text – Short Description associated to the Citizenship Status value.

Read Only Field

When this data element is displayed it should adhere to the following guidelines:

Field Name Citizenship Status
Null Values Blank
Hint Text None
Security Requirements None

Editable Field

When this data element is available to be edited, control should be used as outlined below:

Use this table if a Combo / Drop Down Control should be used

Field Name Citizenship Status
Mandatory? Yes
Style Select
Selection Values List of Code Text – Short Description of code values of the Citizenship Status code class. The valid list of code values is listed as below:
1 (Citizenship Status)
2 (Citizenship Status)
5 (Citizenship Status)
9 (Citizenship Status)

Citizenship Status values listed above will be further filtered on the basis of the Student Citizenship Document identified. If Student Citizenship Document is already selected, then the Student Citizenship Status values in the drop down must be limited based on the following mapping:

* 1 (Citizenship Status) - Alberta Birth Certificate, Canadian Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Card, Canadian Certificate of Indian Status, Canadian Passport, Treaty Card, Temporary Declaration of Citizenship
* 2 (Citizenship Status) - Canadian Permanent Resident Card, Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document
* 5 (Citizenship Status) - Canadian Refugee Protection Claimant Document, Canadian Study Permit, Canadian Temporary Resident Visa, Canadian Work Permit, Consulate Visa, Student Information Correction Form, Proof of Marriage, Registration Form, Visa, Proof of Application Status for Permanent or Temporary Residence, Application for Permanent or Temporary Residence
Selection Sort Order By sequence and then by short description of the code values
Default Value The existing value if available. Otherwise there is no default.
Null Value Blank
Allow Multiple Values? No
Hint Text None
Security Requirements None

Data Grid Column

When this data element is displayed in a PASIprep Data Grid it should adhere to the following guidelines:

Column Heading Citizenship Status
Column Width Auto
Filtering Style Text
Contains if available, Code Text – Short Description of the saved Citizenship Status code value.
Null Values Blank
Column Security Requirements This column is always available.
Data Security Requirements The data in this column is always available.