Edit Student Citizenship

This page allows a user to edit an existing student citizenship record.

Secured By

To access this screen, the user must meet the Student Citizenship Data Access Rules to update the record and have the PASIprep Level 02 Permission - Modify Student.

Edit Student Citizenship

Student Citizenship Work Item Card

Student Citizenship work item card(s) will appear at the top of the Edit Student Citizenship screen if a work item(s) exist for the selected record.

There is the possibility that when the screen is initially loaded a work item may be in an Out of Date status. The screen will allow up to 5 seconds for the status to become Up to Date before proceeding with loading the screen. If the status of the work item is Out of Date after the 5 second wait, the screen will display an Out of Date status message. Refer to Navigation Between Bulk List of Items and Individual Item View to review the Out of Date message.

Refer to Student Data Access Rules (Moved) for rules around viewing and editing work items in PASIprep.

Actions Toolbox

Cancel Function

Selecting the Cancel action redirects the user as per the UI Navigation guidelines without saving any changes.

Save Function

Selecting the Save action will call the Submit Student Citizenship Status service and redirects the user as per the UI Navigation guidelines.

This page can be accessed from the following screens:

Leaving the Page without Saving

When user leaves the Edit page without saving their changes, user should be prompted to confirm they wish to leave without saving.

The standard web browser/javascript confirmation dialog used for unloading/reloading pages can be used for this purpose.


Data Fields

The following information is entered:

Field Description Default
Citizenship Status Student Citizenship Status - Citizenship status of Student.
Country of CitizenshipCountry of Citizenship - Country of Citizenship of the Student.
Effective DateStudent Citizenship Effective Date - the Effective Date of the selected Citizenship record. When Alberta Birth Certificate or Canadian Birth Certificate are selected default to match the student's Birth Date.
Document Expiry DateStudent Citizenship Document Expiry Date - The Expiry date of the document that substantiates the Citizenship status. N/A if a date does not exist.
Guardian Guardian - Guardian of the Student
Guardian Citizenship StatusGuardian Citizenship Status - Citizenship Status of the Guardian

Change History

  • Release 9.03 - Feature 10810 - update
  • R8.12 Updated - F9952

Handling Deleted Records

If user loads the Edit Page for a record that has been deleted (e.g. by bookmarking the page and returning to the page after the record is deleted), then a 404 error page (PASIprep Error Page Template) should be shown to prevent user from editing a deleted record.

NOTE: Analytics information should be documented in the PASIprep Analytics page instead.