Credential Orders Overview

This page provides an overview of the lifecycle of Document Orders Overview for Credentials.

Ordering a Credential

In order to generate, print and deliver the a Credential, a document order needs to be created:

First-Run Credential Orders

Where the credential is initially awarded to the student, the order that is subsequently created is referred to as a “first-run order” and is typically generated immediately following the awarding process. First-run orders are manually created by ministry users from PASIprep.

The following screens can be used to create first-run credential orders/order items:

PASIprepAward and Order CredentialMinistryAllows Ministry users complete the process of awarding and optionally ordering a credential for an individual student. This functionality is used more throughout the year between diploma exam sessions when individual requests for credentials come in.
PASIprepBulk Award & Order CredentialMinistryAllows Ministry users to complete awarding and ordering in for multiple students at a time. This functionality is typically used multiple times throughout the year with the diploma exam writing sessions after the marks have been made available in PASI. Refer to Order Credentials In Bulk for more information.
PASIprepList CredentialsMinistryThis screen is used in between the single and bulk awarding to find all credentials that don't fall into the typical criteria. Ordering can be completed from this screen.

Reprinting a Credential

Following a first-run order, a credential can be reprinted after initial awarding/ordering where the student needs an additional copy or a replacement copy of their official printed credential. In addition, any official credentials sent as a digital official documents are considered reprints.

The following screens can be used to create reprint Credential orders/order items.

PASIprepAdd Credential Reprint OrderMinistryAllows Ministry users to process requests for credential reprints on behalf of the student.
myPassOrdering a Credential ReprintPublic User

Allows myPass users to:

Credentials with a Legacy Credential Number (indicating that the credential was awarded and ordered previously from the Mainframe system) can only be reprinted.

Reordering a Credential

Reorders are used if the recipient of the credential order item does not receive their credential. Reorders can be completed for first-run or reprint credential order items where delivery challenges are encountered.

The following screen can be used to create a reorder of a Credential orders/order item:

PASIprepAdd Credential Reorder ItemMinistryAllows Ministry users to reorder the order item (Credential Reorder ) where the recipient has not received their credential due to a delivery issue.

Processing Credential Orders

Credentials are processed by the Credential Processing Agent. The resulting Credential (PDF) document(s) are placed in a print job as per Deliver Print Job to be printed and delivered to the recipient.

Delivering Credential Orders

Credentials can be:

  • Printed, or
  • Delivered as a PDF