Managing Student Information

Managing Student Information is one of the functional areas to consider when Integrating with PASI.


Architectural Considerations

The following questions should be considered if your integrated solution will include integration to manage student information in PASI in addition to the general Managing Data within PASI and Managing Core Alerts considerations.

What approach is used when the gender of a student is not known?

PASI supports 4 gender codes (Male, Female, Unspecified, and Unknown). When the school does not know the gender of a student a value of Unknown must be provided.

For example a school may receive a school registration form on which the student’s gender has not been specified and the student’s parents cannot be immediately reached to confirm if their child is Male or Female. It this case the gender must be set to Unknown.

PASI will provide notification to integrated solutions (via Core Alerts) of student's that have been enrolled with an Unknown gender. This provides users a mechanism to followup to confirm the student's gender.

What is the approach used to update and delete student personal information?

In PASI, any one student may have multiple Name, Citizenship, Mailing Address, Home Phone Number, Information Disclosure Restriction, and Email Address records. Any one of these records may have associated core alerts. Resolution of these core alerts may require users to update or delete any one of a student’s personal records. As well data may be added to the wrong student. In order to remove this data, users may be required update or delete any one of a student’s records.

What approach is used to deal with current and historical student personal information?

What approach is used to deal with preferred student personal information?

What approach is used to deal with corrections versus new student personal information (i.e. correct an address vs. a new address)?

How are effective and expiry dates managed?

Ideally a user can make all necessary student personal data corrections from within the integrated solution. PASI recommends an integrated solution expose all PASI student personal records to its users so they can add, update, or delete any student record at any time. If users do not have access to all student personal records, they may be required to leave the integrated solution and use PASIprep to correct student personal data.

What are the latency expectations between the updates occuring within the solution and that update being reflected in PASI?

PASI is intended to have the most accurate and up-to-date student information. How accurate and up-to-date is dependent on how often it is updated by schools/school authorities.

An integrated solution must immediately submit its student updates to PASI. This will result in PASI being updated in near real time and all organizations using PASI data having access to the most accurate and up-to-date student data.

What approach is used when a student personal update/delete cannot be completed?

There may be instances where PASI is unavailable during a student personal data update process or the user may not have all mandatory information required to update a student in PASI.

If PASI is unavailable during the student personal update process, PASI recommends the integrated solution still allows its users to complete the update process but provide notification to its users of student personal updates that have not been submitted to PASI. These users must have the capability return to those students, correct data as required, and submit the updates to PASI.

Another alternative is to queue student personal update requests and automatically submit them to PASI when PASI is available again.

See Connecting to PASI for more information.

What approach is used to deal with rejected student personal update/delete requests?

An integrated solution is expected to notify its users of all PASI errors associated with a failed student personal update request and have the opportunity to immediately correct and thus resubmit the student personal update request to PASI.