Student Work Items

If the user meets the security requirements to view student work items, then a work item card will appear at the top of the content for every work item that:

  • Is tied to the record the user is viewing or editing, and
  • The student work item has a status of “In Progress” or “Unacknowledged”, and
  • Matches the business area for the page.

The full list business areas and its corresponding work items / core alerts can be found in the Student Status Processor page.

Available Action Buttons

Action buttons (In Progress / Acknowledge / Unacknowledge / Overridden) to update the student work item status will appear if the meets the requirements to manage student work items.

The status on the work items is updated by using the Submit Student Status Acknowledgement service.

Events are tracked for analytics. See PASIprep Analytics Guidelines for more information.

Pages that Display Student Work Items