View Student - Work Items Tab

This is a tab in the View Student screen to display the following work items for the student:

Note: Work Items with a status of Out of Date will not be returned on this screen and will not be included in the count of work items for the student.

Secured By

A user has access to this page if the user meets the Section Data Access Rules needed to access the student.

Common Student elements

Identifier Subtitle As described in the Page Title Header guideline.
Student Status Badges See Student Status Badges for full details on the the status badges that can be displayed on a student record.

Content Section

Work Item Grid

The grid is a PASIprep Business Object Grid that shows the list of Work Items (Core Alert) that:

The following columns are shown (all columns are visible by default):

Data Field Description
{View Column}
Applies To
  • For Student Work Items, the business area is documented on the Student Status Processor page will be shown
  • For School Enrolment Work Items, “Student School Enorlment” will be shown
  • For Evaluated Mark Work Items, “Evaluated Mark” will be shown
  • For Course Enrolment Work Items, “Course Enrolment” will be shown
  • For Classroom Accommodation Work Items, “Classroom Accommodation” will be shown
  • For Responsible School Work Items, “Responsible School” will be shown
Severity Shows the Alert Type of the work item.
Status Shows the Acknowledgement Status of the work item.
Issue Code Shows the (Alert Code) of the work item.
Issue Shows the Issue of the work item. This is the first sentence of the Description (Core Alert).
Description Shows the status of the work item. This is everything but the first sentence of the Description (Core Alert).

Default Sort Order

Sort order applied to the grid: Severity (Descending), Status (In Progress followed by Unacknowledged), then Issue.

Emphasized Rows

Work Items that are warnings will be emphasized.